Audio Social Media Platforms for Nonprofits

In the social media world, platforms are always changing. Creators are constantly looking for ways to improve their online applications to better serve their target audience. For nonprofits, using social media to your advantage is important as it gives you a creative way to accomplish your organization’s mission and purpose. The more versatile these platforms are to use, the more opportunities you have to increase your awareness, engage with supporters, promote fundraising campaigns, and more.

Just recently, the popular social media websites — Clubhouse, Facebook (FB), and Twitter — have added a few updates that will change the way you can use their platforms. These updates include:


This invitation-only online chatting app has risen in popularity since it rolled out for Android users in late May 2021. After seeing over a million users on their platform in one week, it seems a lot of people are jumping to join the club. Because of this, the platform is getting an influx of features to make it more functional, including tipping features, a bell that you can select to RSVP for events, topic-suggestion prompts, a history feature to show users you’ve listened to, and profile tagging in bios. Plus, they have fixed bio bugs that have pestered users.

Get ready for a shift toward audio format across social media platforms! Like when TikTok’s short-video format exploded and Instagram rushed to keep up with Reels, we can expect to see major platforms hopping on the audio bandwagon (like Twitter’s new Spaces feature). With a growing appetite for more authentic and raw content — especially among younger Gen Zers — audio is a perfect fit to host live conversations for people to tune into or even participate in.  — Janine Guarino, Sr. Social Strategist 


The powerhouse social media platform is expanding even more, and in this new phase, they are gearing up to rival Clubhouse. FB is adding new audio social options for some of its users. This test consists of giving Taiwanese public figures the ability to communicate with their supporters and fans in “Live Audio Rooms.” The rooms appear similar to those offered by Clubhouse, but FB’s version includes a “Star” function which allows users to monetize their content from the beginning. FB also announced other audio features that are coming soon — podcast listening, soundbite functionality, and discovery tools. These add-ons are sure to give Clubhouse a run for their money.



Like FB, Twitter has also joined in on the war of audio features. The innovators behind the microblogging and social networking site announced in early May 2021 that it will be expanding Twitter Spaces. Launched as a rival to Clubhouse in 2020, the audio content creation will now be able to be enjoyed by any user that has 600 or more followers. There are also plans to expand it to individuals with any number of followers in the near future. 

Additionally, Twitter will be allowing Brands to host and create Spaces. Prior to this decision, they could only listen or speak in a Space created by another user. Now, these entities have more creative freedom to join in on the fun.

Benefits for Nonprofits

If your organization is looking for a way to engage with your current supporters and reach new ones, consider using the audio features of the platforms. You can even utilize it to develop ideas with your partners in the nonprofit sector, discuss topics with the leaders of other organizations, host speaking engagements, and more. The ways to use them are almost endless.

One success story shows just how versatile Clubhouse is when it comes to helping those in need. After recognizing the good luck bestowed unto him during the Texas winter storm in February 2021, user Harold Hughes wanted to assist those who didn’t fare so well. He hosted a room on the audio-only platform to start a fundraising campaign. It took off! What started as a small event, turned into a week-long initiative where popular influencers, entertainers, and even doctors put on online events that helped raise over 140K in donations.

Tiffany Rivers

With every new feature and every new platform, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Take small steps and experiment with “hot and shiny” features to find out if it’s best for  your nonprofit. Listen first! Hop in to a Clubhouse Room or Twitter Space before you create your own. This will allow you to learn on the heels of the early adopters and make the most of your first steps on the platform. — Tiffany Rivers, Director of Social Media





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