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How Nonprofits Can Use Facebook Groups

Social media has become one of the most valuable tools for nonprofit organizations to raise awareness, engage with supporters and get results. That’s why for nonprofits it’s important to stay up to date with new platform features and integrate them into their current digital marketing efforts.

A Facebook Group is an online community formed of like-minded people who want to discuss and share ideas about common interests, experiences, or events. It is a separate space where members can share photos, stories, ask questions, and make plans.  

Here are five ways you can utilize Facebook groups:

Gather people together for a certain cause

Facebook groups make it easier for organizations to participate in conversations with their supporters or activists. Segmenting supporters into groups helps organizations to create an online community with better conversation and stronger advocacy.

Engage with a specific location

Nonprofit page administrators can create Facebook groups for certain locations. Engaging with a specific area allows supporters and activists to converse with each other and activate hyper-local activity.

Communicate as your brand

A Facebook page group is a great place for hosting discussions, providing feedback, and answering questions. Administrators can post to a group as the brand itself instead of from their personal accounts. This way community members know that the response from the organization is official.

Promote an event

Inside Facebook groups, it is possible to create events that only members can see + RSVP to. It is a great way for nonprofits to encourage supporters to attend events and update them on upcoming opportunities.

Share files

A group is a separate space where members can share photos and files of any kind as well as create documents on which group members can collaborate on. Organizations can also use this feature to provide donors with exclusive content, services, or benefits.

Keep in mind: Before creating Facebook Groups it is important to have a clear purpose so that you can set the right expectation and etiquette for members.

To learn more about how social media can support your organization’s community growth, give us a shout.