Nonprofit Brand Identity to Restore Democracy

Nonprofit Brand Identity to Restore Democracy

The 10,000ft view:

We designed a new nonprofit brand identity for a national network dedicated to restoring democracy and galvanizing different communities to take actions toward sustainable solutions.

The story + strategy:

The mission of Unite in Solidarity and Moving America Forward (MAF) is to bring urgency and champion the protection of our democracy by increasing civic awareness and engagement. They came to Media Cause for help launching their first petition-based campaign. Since they were just forming this diverse coalition of people and organizations, MAF didn’t have a unified brand to support their campaign. They needed a cohesive brand identity that conveyed their mission and unique positioning within the advocacy space.

MAF was looking for a brand that spoke to their audience and communicated who they are – empowering their audience to understand their distinct approach, while also reflecting their values. MAF wanted a brand personality that was relevant, timely, trans-sector, trans-partisan, empowering, fresh, inspirational and aspirational, forward looking, and captured the mood and spirit of a generation of changemakers. We gathered all of these brand insights to generate a cohesive brand strategy and visual identity for MAF.

We designed a new visual identity — a logo and brand guidelines, including logo best practices, color palette, and typography. We presented MAF with three different visual identity concepts, and they chose "Out of many, one" which conveyed unity, solidarity, and community.

The client said that the logo of this concept suggested a "beacon of light." The logo also suggested the multi-sector, innovative, trans-partisan approach foundational to the organization.

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