Creating a Brand for Online Advocacy Tools

Mobilizing People to Rally for Social Change

We recognized a deep need in advocacy and activism work when it came to the available tools: there were no online advocacy tools out there that were effective at mobilizing people for change. We built the Rally Starter brand from scratch to organize & activate people to take digital actions that can impact real world change.

Our goal was simple: to help evolved online advocacy tools for the masses beyond petitions and pledges. While larger nonprofits and PACs have access to advanced advocacy tools, individual organizers and smaller organizations have historically relied on petitions for driving support of the social issues they are passionate about addressing. Beyond signing a petition, Rally Starter allows activists to directly email lawmakers and provides scripts for when phone calls are needed. Our goal was to democratize the process by making effective advocacy tools available to anyone interested in addressing issues that could benefit humanity.    

Brand Definition: Mission, messaging, voice

Visual Identity Design: Logos, illustrations, graphic elements

Brand Guidelines: Documentation of usage standards

Communications Channels: Website, email program

Taking the same elements and playing with composition, balance, and emphases was key to creating different logotypes that felt cohesive and of the same brand.

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