Video Storytelling for the Holidays

A holiday card for the greater good

The 10,000ft View:

If an image is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand feelings. That’s what we aimed to inspire when we went beyond the traditional Thank You gift to provide our partners with something impactful and memorable for the holiday season.

The Story + Strategy:

Like most companies, at the end of each year, we here at Media Cause send out small thank you gifts to our clients as a token of our appreciation for their partnership over the course of the previous year. But in 2018, as raging wildfires in demolished over 10,000 structures in California, wiped out hundreds of thousands of acres of land, and claimed 86 lives, we felt compelled to do something more meaningful, and impactful, than simply sending a branded cutting board or holiday-themed box of chocolates.

We wanted to pay our thanks forward–by giving back. So we joined forces with One Tree Planted, and their Million Tree Challenge, to reforest and rebuild in the wake of the wildfires, purchasing a total of 2,000 new trees in our clients’ honor.

While we knew our clients would appreciate the sentiment, we also knew there was a bigger to story to tell: of how their continued partnership, and our joint pursuit of doing more good in the world, is what really made this gift possible.

We told our story through an original, hand-painted, stop-motion animated video that captured our shared values and beliefs: bringing strength and resilience in the face of challenges; showing compassion and courage in the pursuit of a greater good; and never losing site of the inspiration and opportunity to create more impact together.

To share this gift, we sent personalized email notes to each of our clients, inviting them to visit a custom landing page showcasing the video, and the tangible collective impact of our 2,000 trees. Once they had an opportunity to see the story and feel all the feels, we shared our video on social in the hopes of inspiring even more seeds of change beyond our Media Cause connections.

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