Google Grantspro

New Google Ad Grants, Grantspro Eligibility Criteria

This month saw a couple big announcements for nonprofit AdWords advertisers.  First, applications to the Google Grantspro program have been reinstated! (For those unaware, Google stopped accepting applications for the Grantspro program in early 2013) Second, additional eligibility guidelines have been implemented for Google Grantspro accounts.

As you read this article keep in mind that we are referring to Google Ad Grants, Grantspro accounts.  These are accounts that receive $40K a month in free search engine marketing from Google.  A standard Google Ad Grants account is one which receives $10K a month in free SEM from Google.  If you’re a nonprofit with a standard Google Ad Grants account and think you could benefit from an additional $30K a month in free digital advertising, we couldn’t agree more – click here.  If you already have a Google Ad Grants, Grantspro account, read on.

An e-mail was sent out to all account owners informing of new criteria that must be adhered to come January, 2015.  If you haven’t checked your inbox in a while don’t worry, we got you covered.

In order to maintain Grantspro status an account must meet the following requirements:

1 — A minimum 1% account level click through rate must be maintained.  Come 2015 Google is going to audit your accounts performance for the previous six months.  If your account CTR is less than 1%, your Grantspro status may be at risk.

2 — Your account must be utilizing the AdWords Conversion Tracking tool.  If you’re completely Google Analytics dependent don’t worry, Goals can be easily imported into Google AdWords in a few short steps (see here).

3 — At least $9,900.00 must have been spent in two out of the last six months (again, starting in 2015). Forget eligibility, that’s $30,100.00 gone to waste each month.  Click here to find out ways which can help you spend more productively.

4 — Account management in the form of optimization or expansion must occur at least once every two weeks.  You should really be in there once a day at minimum, but if you’re managing it yourself and don’t have the time, check the Change History Report to see if you’d meet this requirement.  If not, start making a habit out of logging in on a regular basis and optimizing your account.

5 — You will be asked to participate in a survey at the end of every year.  This isn’t optional, make sure you respond when they send this email out.

Last but not least, make sure your account continuously abides by the primary eligibility guidelines which can be found here.

The good news is none of the above is particularly difficult to achieve. If you’re too busy with your own job though, Media Cause is here to help.  If your nonprofit’s Google Grantspro account isn’t meeting one or more of the criteria listed above give us a shout.