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TikTok Strategies for Making a Real Impact

Want to learn the latest fashion trends? Go on TikTok. 


Want to find an easy recipe for dinner tonight? Go on TikTok. 


What about staying informed on politics and how to make your voice heard? Also, TikTok.


TikTok has emerged as a powerful platform for advocacy and social justice, enabling individuals and organizations to build large followings and drive meaningful change. The hashtags #socialjustice and #socialjusticetiktok have over 300M views, with videos from thousands of creators speaking on critical issues, including gun reform, labor rights, abortion access, and more. We’ve pulled together some of our top TikTok strategies for making a real impact.


The Power of TikTok Advocacy: Using the Platform to Drive Change

Take @thatpyschnp, who regularly rallies her 300k+ followers to take action for progressive causes. Her TikTok calling for uterus owners to share their menstrual cycle updates to anti-abortion politicians received over 51k views and generated thousands of tweets trolling high-profile GOP extremists such as Greg Abbott, Mitch McConnell, and Majorie Taylor Greene. And her followers loved it, deeming the campaign “genius” and the “the best example of nonviolent protest.”



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Another popular video with over 650k views features @nunofyourbusiness789 speaking on the history of Pocahontas stitched side-by-side with a video of croissants baking. As the dough is being rolled, @nunofyourbusiness789 explains why a problematic painting of Pocahantas at the capitol building needs to be taken down and directs viewers to a link in her bio to contact Congress. Altogether, over a thousand emails were sent to Congress demanding the removal of the painting. 


TikTok Strategies for Advocacy Campaigns

So what does it take to create a successful TikTok for your advocacy campaign? Whether you are a nonprofit or an individual that wants to raise awareness, here are some TikTok strategies to gain awareness for your cause.


#1 Put your face out there


Today’s movement has a face—actually many faces. Individual creators are more popular on TikTok than brands or anonymous accounts because they can build close relationships with their viewers as they casually film from their car, daily walk, or even bathroom vanity. 


#2 Stay on top of the latest happenings


TikTok moves at the speed of light, and catching trends at the right time is everything. This means keeping up with the latest happenings on TikTok (e.g. trending audio clips, popular videos to stitch, etc.) and the latest happenings in the world (e.g. being the first to share with your followers a piece of breaking news) and creating content to coincide with these trends.


#3 Use hashtags


Hashtags will make your content more discoverable. Search popular hashtags related to the issue you want to raise awareness about and add them to your post caption to help your content reach a larger audience.


#4 You need a lot of resolve


Just like any online forum, trolls and nasty comments abound—and it gets particularly heated in the political space. Prepare for angry comments to flood your video if you hit a nerve. And if you’re the face of the video, the comments may feel very personal. While you shouldn’t let fear hold you back, this is an important note to be aware of.


#5 Engage + be engaging


One of the biggest drivers of TikTok’s algorithm is the percentage watch time, so take a note from @thatpsychnp’s approach and start each video with a lot of energy to capture viewers before they scroll past. Successful creators also regularly engage their followers by liking and responding to comments, including creating video responses to answer questions.


#6 Be persistent and consistent


If you don’t get a lot of views on your first video, keep posting. If you’re an org that doesn’t have the capacity to build a following, consider working with influencers who are aligned with your cause.


With the right TikTok strategy, individuals and organizations can effectively raise awareness for their cause and drive people to take meaningful action. Whether you’re fighting for environmental justice, human rights, or any other cause, don’t underestimate the reach and impact this platform can have. See you on the FYP! 


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